You come to on the shores of a beach during a raging storm, the same storm that wrecked your ship. In the darkness you shake out the cobwebs, gather your sword and venture across the beach and into the island on which you so unceremoniously landed. So begins Brushfire Games' Shipwreck, a lovingly crafted action-adventure game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda.

Your ultimate goal is to find safe passage off of the island on which you're stranded. The mayor of a tiny town has enlisted you to slay a ghost that's terrorizing the citizens. Complete this task and he will award you his assistance in leaving. This, of course, means going into four dungeons to collect special elemental seals which can be used to access the ghost's lighthouse-lair once collected.

The game plays as a familiar top-down action-adventure. The overworld is relaxed and peaceful, but the Zelda-style dungeon crawling is mysterious and engaging. Multiple floors, diverse enemies and sneaky traps await you as you attempt to gather the desired seals. You'll even have special items like a crossbow and lantern to use along the way. The large-scale boss fights are also a pretty good bit of fun, adding a nice punch to the end of each level.

Shipwreck is available now on Windows and XBLIG for $3.