amaze 2014.pngThe nominees for the third annual A MAZE. Awards have been announced, with 15 finalists selected out of 150 games from 25 countries.

The awards ceremony will take place on April 11, 2014, with ticket options for the three-day event held in Berlin, Germany still available from 40 to 70 Euros.

The festival has three cash awards, totalling 5,000 Euros in prizes. Beginning this year, the festival also includes an Audience Award, where voting will take place during the event.

The lists of the finalists are as follows:

The Most Amazing Game Award:

Loveshack's Framed
Lea Schönfelder and Peter Lu's Perfect Woman
Robin Arnott's Soundself
Galactic Cafe's The Stanley Parable

Human Human Machine Award:

Tomasz Kaye and Richard Boeser's Chalo Chalo
Game Oven's Friendstrap
Messhof's Nidhogg
Lucky Frame's Roflpillar
Klondike's Wojna Taniec

WTF! Award:

Jerry Belich's Choosatron
Kieran Nolan's Control
Kyle Reimergartin's Fjords
Tale of Tales' Luxuria Superbia
Peter Brinson's Rehearsals and Returns

What kind of games earn a WTF! nod? Stuff like this, of course:

Unfortunately, Control was part of the LA Game Space Kickstarter pack, so you'll have to wait until it pops up again elsewhere to buy it, or play it next at this A MAZE. event.