overland.jpgCanabalt creator Adam Saltsman has announced a flurry of game bits, including the creation of new studio Finji and a new project he is showing off behind closed doors at GDC 2014 this month.

This new project (pictured above) is called Overland and is the new studio's first collaboration with Shay Pierce from Deep Plaid Games. "The current prototype is a turn-based tactical survival game with some interesting narrative components," the blog post details.

In other news, Adam's other collaboration, Grave, has a new name and new site. Portico is a turn-based puzzle defense game being made with Aquaria dev Alec Holowka. As described on the site, "Use ancient traps to stop a horde of monsters from reaching the sacred gate at the center of each labyrinth in Portico... Each decision in Portico matters, and the survival of Caldera hangs in the balance! Master trap placement, powerups, and the environment itself to save the world."


To find out more about Finji, including how it is going to help Alec Holowka with "admin and producing" of the Kickstarted Night in the Woods, check out the official Finji site.

[source: @Adamatomic]