Developer souvenir circ. released their cute arena brawler Croixleur in English some time ago with the help of Nyu Media. It was successfully Greenlit for Steam, but the developers decided to postpone the Steam release in favor of bringing the upgraded CroixleurΣ to Steam instead.

In addition to adding Steam-specific things such as achievements, trading cards, and the like, souvenir circ. is: adding full voiceovers; enhanced the graphics; making it so players can play as Fran with a new story; adding new cutscenes and background music; adding a new "Challenge Mode"; improving the user interface; adding new weapons and special moves; rebalancing the gameplay; and adding new replay and gameplay mechanics. A representative of souvenir circ. told me at BitSummit that they would also like to add multiplayer capabilities, but it's not yet confirmed if that will make it into the game.

The price of CroixleurΣ will be $5.99, up one dollar from the price of the original Croixleur, though anyone who purchased Croixleur before it was Greenlit will receive a free Steam key upon its release. It will be available for Windows. They are aiming to release the game at the end of March, though since the developers are handling all of the Steamworks integration themselves, the release date may be extended.

[CroixleurΣ web site | CroixleurΣ on Steam Greenlight]