There were over a 150 exhibitors at BitSummit. This is the first in a series of posts designed to show off as much of Bitsummit's offerings as possible. Not all of the games shown are or will be available in English. These are presented in no particular order.

Two from Shindenken: Agartha and I Will Stop Time

Shindenken has two games in early development. Agartha, above, looks like it might turn out to be a 2D survival sandbox with a physics engine. Their other game in development, below, is called Watashi ha Jikan wo Tomeru (I Will Stop Time), and though there isn't any video of it, it involves a rampaging giant robot. They've released several other games spread out across the action, shooting, and RPG genres.


Party Animals


Ryan Sumo, the artist for SpaceChem and Prison Architect, was on hand at BitSummit to show of an early prototype of Party Animals, a political empire building game he's working on. The player will take on the role of a would-be politician and must win over the voters in as many districts as possible. In addition to giving speeches targeted at local concerns, the player will be able to educate the populace or smear their opponents.

As a bonus, Sumo was also handing out flyers with information about a handful of other Philippine indie games. Rival Threads is an upcoming side-scrolling action RPG to be released for PC and mobile devices. Face Mountain will be a match 3 game with cute characters, including a grumpy-looking log. Streetfood Tycoon and Elevator Joe are already available, a couple of free and simple simulation games for mobile. Wild Season is a game inspired by Harvest Moon, but which seems to be aimed at a more mature audience with a character-driven approach. Pretentious Game was the last thing on the flyer, a Casual Connect San Fancisco 2013 award winning 2D puzzle platformer which is available for iOS and Android.

Shippo Neko and the Missing Fried Shrimp


The newest game from NekoGames (Which?, Hoshi Saga) is a browser-based 2D platformer in which you play a cat. Someone has taken all the fried shrimp in the Arakawa District of Tokyo, and it's Shippo Neko's job to find it. Shippo Neko shoots bullets from his tail, and if you find all the treasure chests, the letters within will spell out "BitSummit." Let me know if you find the S, because I've had no luck.

Rokko Chan 3D


King-Sokutsu has taken its Megaman-style Rokko Chan game and remade it in Unity. Rokko Chan 3D is available as a download for Windows or Mac.

The Denpa Men 3: Rise of the Digitoll

This is the third installment in the Denpa Men series of RPGs. Only available for 3DS, it has an augmented reality element which is that you catch new members for your party with the 3DS's camera. They can be found anywhere there are wi-fi signals or be found in QR codes. The Denpa Men 3 is due out in May and will be $9.99. Characters from previous Denpa Men games can be imported.

Phobos Children: Biomechanical Wars

This game is a single-player tap fest. You have a party of up to six characters, each of which is associated with one of the three colors of orbs that can appear. To attack, you must tap three of the same color in a row; tapping a second color cancels out the previous orbs. If you miss tapping any orbs, they hit you and you take damage, instead. It requires planning reflexes both, and the battles are short enough to be good for short bursts of play.

Guie Indst

In this puzzle game from TPM.Co Soft Works, you have to activate all the pistons in a room before the exit opens to let you move on to the next room. Some of the rooms get really complicated later on.