Not to be confused with the drum pad iOS app of the same name, CuBeat from Team PSC is a competitive multiplayer game. Rows of colored blocks drop down from above at set intervals, but making combos adds extra blocks to the enemy's screen.

A player's only possible action is to destroy blocks, one at a time, to line up blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally. This means that attacking requires the consumption of resources and every action is a strategic choice. Since making combos is how the player overloads the opponent, its in one's best interest to make the biggest combos possible. The pressure of incoming rows of blocks and whatever extra blocks come in because of the opponent's combos, however, make it so that there isn't much time to think about it.

Each of the selectable player characters has a slight effect on the balance of colors that come in, but programmer Jung-Sheng Lin didn't give me much in the way of details. It sounds like it's not that significant a difference, though. I tried two different characters and they felt the same to me. In the heat of the moment (and CuBeat does have heated moments), the differences are unnoticeable.

CuBeat is slated for a PC release this spring, though no exact date has been announced.

[CuBeat web site]