Smoking WOLF's One Way Heroics, a side-scrolling, turn-based RPG with permadeath, is now available for Steam at the price of $3.49. It's still Windows-only and looks to stay that way, but the developer is currently working on expansion.

The developer is adding one thing at a time and doesn't know where exactly he'll stop, but the confirmed additions so far are:

- Hotkeys for favorite skills
- More tile sets for greater visual variety
- New biomes, including a coastal biome which will have water along one edge the whole time the player is traveling and a fortress biome with things such as dungeons
- New items and weapons
- New classes, including Ninja, Force Knight (a Jedi, more or less), and Tourist

The Tourist is going to be the weakest class in the game, for those who want a greater challenge. There are also plans to make it so that players can upgrade the starter castle, adding new NPCs and other things. There is no word yet on how long it will be until the expansion is finished or how much it will cost.

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