krone hotel.pngJeremiah Reid's seven-day roguelike (7DRL) competition entry Golden Krone Hotel is about the (possibly overused) struggle between vampires and humans, but here you alternate among both, with the key to survival being to exploit each race's strengths and weaknesses on the way to kill the cruel vampire prince.

Players start out as an exalted vampire huntress who can move, attack, and cast magic in four directions. You'll need to be human or transform back with a special exilir to read texts that grant new spells or build stats. Humans can also more easily decipher the effects of potions, too.

In this interpretation of vampire lore, the bloodsuckers burst into flames from light and are not that intellectually bright. They still feed on blood and are stronger and faster than humans, though. You battle as both races through several floors searching for the prince, leveling up along the way.

See if you can defeat the prince and regain your humanity during your stay at Golden Krone Hotel.