The clock on Procedural Death Jam has fittingly met its end, and Ghost Ship has sailed suddenly out of the darkness and into view. Unlike "real" ghosts, however, the quality in this entry is far from ephemeral.

This roguelike-platformer starts the player out on top of the titular ghost ship, which happens to be filled with treasure chests and deadly skeletons. The goal is to get to the bottom of the ship, loot the special chest, and escape with your life. One hit means permanent death, so if you want to keep your points and money totals high, you want to avoid getting hit. You can kill skeletons on the way down using your sword but opening the target chest will resurrect them all.

Getting back to the top alive will generate another, larger ghost ship to repeat the same task on. More enemies would have gone a long way toward encouraging deep runs, but what's here is still pretty enjoyable and is highly polished. You can check out the Unity-based browser build at the game's entry page.