BULLET SOUL HACKER.jpgThe audiovisual style oozes from Cyberpunk Jam entry Bullet Soul Hacker, part FPS and part checkpoint racer. You play an escaping hacker-jumper who must shoot enemies to speed up and then teleport into their bodies to gain their weapons, strengths, weaknesses and potentially distracting memories.

The dev says the game is "an attempt to combine two diverse genres with a central mechanic which generates the rush of adrenaline common to both." Another design goal of the game is trying to humanize enemies through the mechanics. "In Bullet Soul Hacker, the player is directly affected by whose body they take over by having to use their weapon, survive in their body (with their own strengths and weaknesses) and to battle the enemy's personal memories from distracting them."

Like in Cyberpunk entry Hunter, finding your target(s) can be really difficult. At least I knew in Hunter what my goal looked like. Another note to Bullet Soul Hacker, the font color needs adjusting against some of the backgrounds to be more legible.

Still, when a game starts out and sounds like this, with a neat blend of mechanics, I hope it'll get noticed and get feedback to enhance its "Story" and "Experimental" modes developer Sumanth and Ansh say are coming soon.

[Download Bullet Soul Hacker]