trademarkville.pngMolleindustria and Mikhail Popov's asynchronous word-guessing, item-renaming game TradeMarkVille is getting more and more obscure as time goes by, so I figured I'd share this one quickly!

With items such as "sword" and "sun" being trademarked, it's up to you to create clever names. But to score points on the already crazy-high leaderboards, your description must be guessed by someone else. You can also score points by guessing items correctly, based on someone else's descriptions.

I'm still waiting for someone to guess the "yellow thing that gives skin cancer".

As of print, TradeMarkVille had a Twitter account associated with it, but it has been suspended. Let's hope the game stays alive longer. [Edit: the Twitter account is back up, with game content redirected.]

[Play TradeMarkVille]