spidren.pngOctodad programmer Devon Scott-Tunkin has a thing for creatures with 8 appendages, it seems. Made in under 52 hours during the Train Jam from Chicago to GDC SF, Spidren has players control a mother spider who must stop her devilish offspring from ripping off her legs and stabbing her eyes out.

I didn't expect Spidren to be that gruesome, especially with the little critters smiling all the while. The player-spider must use 24 keys on the keyboard to affect each tibia, femur, and metatarsus for a strike. After successfully stabbing the young spiders, the player must then eat them to advance.

Be sure to study the chart before the game begins, to see how each key corresponds with each leg. For instance, W raises the leftmost femur, A lowers its tibia, and Z curls or stabs with its metatarsus.

I couldn't get past the second level, but I imagine some keyboard masters here will get much further.

[Play Spidren]