Build & Defend: A Tale of Survival has something in common with Don't Starve: enemies only come out of the woodworks at night. Unlike Don't Starve, however, the enemies aren't just creatures wandering around who will attack if you get too close. They come actively looking for you, and if your defenses aren't good enough they'll overrun everything and can even turn your own livestock against you.

Upon starting a new game, you are near water, trees, a sheep, and a variety of plant life. You have a couple of items in your inventory, including a sword, and there are stairs nearby that lead down to a shopkeeper. You can't afford most of his wares yet, though, and money can only be obtained by selling him things or by defeating monsters at night. So your first task is to start collecting things to eat and chop down trees to make walls with their wood.

The daytime gameplay is similar to that of other survival sandbox games; it's the nights of gradually increasing danger that sets Build & Defend apart. Anyone who's played Minecraft knows that the night is dark and full of terrors, but it's the same terrors every night, and as long as you're careful they eventually become less of a problem. Build & Defend, however, goes the way of the tower defense game, throwing greater and greater challenges at you every night. Do you really need walls the first night? No. But wood takes time to chop and place, so maybe it's a good idea to get started early. That starting sheep could be saved for later, but you can't control it yet and if the zombies get to it they'll turn it into a zombie that will turn on you, too.

Although Build & Defend is still in development, it's available for purchase for $9.90. There's also a demo you can try, though you must create a free account to download and play the game. The game supports both keyboard and controllers, and the full version supports up to 4 players locally and 12 players online.

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