cardcity.pngCard City Nights is an original collectible card game where players get to duel with characters from the Ludosity universe to earn booster packs and new cards for their deck. In every match players take turn to place cards on their own board, and a winner is declared when one duelist loses all of their defense points or run out of room to place new cards.

A board can accomodate up to nine cards. Each card has at least one symbol on them: attack, defense, revive or neutral. A card's action is only activated when you chain three or more symbols together by connecting their arrows to one another. Some cards will have multiple arrows, while others may have no arrows at all.

When you chain three or more symbols, the dominant symbol will take effect. Players are allowed to choose an effect if the chain doesn't contain any dominant symbols. That's pretty much the gist of a card duel, though many rare and uncommon cards can also have special properties that are activated just by putting them on the board.

A city map shows the locations that you can visit to find other players who are willing to duel against you. Many of them will offer you booster packs upon victory, and a nearby shopping mall also provides an option for players who are looking to purchase additional cards. The story mode takes roughly eight hours to complete, but you're going to need a little longer than that to collect all cards and finish the post-game content as well.

Card City Nights is available to purchase now on Steam ($3.99), or you can download it for your mobile device for only $2 via the App Store and Google Play.