...But That Was Yesterday and Basketbelle creator Michael Molinari (Bean) is seeking Kickstarter funds for his Twitch-integrated, side-scrolling action game, Choice Chamber, where the results of each viewer poll can affect the game live.

The procedurally generated Choice Chamber will offer an endless series of levels, while viewers constantly give feedback that affect how the game evolves in real time, from power ups and enemies to obstacles and rule changes.

The chat interactions won't be limited to voting, either. On the Kickstarter page, sketches suggest other uses such as viewers being able to help create a bridge via their speech bubbles, fight a boss alongside the player by giving screen coordinates, and summon individual minions to help fight enemies.

If all that audience interaction and playing online don't sound fun, you can also play offline, with the AI making random choices to affect the game.

Bean is estimating a December 2014 release on Windows and Mac for his Choice Chamber experiment and is asking for $30,000 to help complete it.

[Choice Chamber on Kickstarter]