Multiplayer dungeon crawler? Sure, it's been done before. How about adding a competitive element? That's familiar territory as well. What about if one person controls the hero, while the other one-to-three people playing try to kill him as the game's enemies? Now we're talking! That's Crawl in a nutshell.

Powerhoof is making sure you really want to kill your friends in Crawl. As a two-to-four player game, the objective is for the non-hero players to kill the hero as monsters or traps. The one who records the kill then becomes the hero, and the process continues. Once enough experience points have been gathered the hero can face the boss, which is cooperatively controlled by the non-hero players.

Each game takes place in randomly generated dungeons and lasts about 30 minutes. Players will unlock special spells and powerful weapons during play sessions, so the action stays fresh and fierce. There will also be bots to practice against when your friends aren't available to play. The Greenlight campaign is active, and the game is set to launch someday "soon" on Windows, Mac and Linux.