Hunter title.pngMere seconds in, Cyberpunk Jam entry Hunter resonates with me and probably anyone who has watched or dreamt about some version of Neo-Tokyo. The goal in Hunter is one that is absurd but classic for the genre: to find the proverbial neddle in the haystack, and then assassinate him.

hunter goal.png

You get 10 bullets to kill your target, pictured above. The trouble is there are tons of similar looking characters moving about the streets. Winning is tough! I think I only caught the back of him a few times, as he dodged into nearby alleys.

The only bump I experienced in Hunter is that when I hit "R" to reset, I wanted to see the picture of the target again, which is why I posted it above.


I don't believe there is a traditional ending to the game, but I still love the idea and Hunter's setting. The crowded and noisy narrow streets. Towering buildings and pyramid-style skyscrapers in the distance. The jazzy sax mixed with a melancholic rain track. The neon signs that hang high.

Does it remind you of Blade Runner or City Hunter? Whatever feelings Hunter stirs up, I think you're like me in that you can't wait to play more Cyberpunk Jam games! Check out over 30 submitted so far to Itch.

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