the tallest building.pngRussian developer Andrei Mishanin created an intense arena action game for the Cyberpunk Jam, with battles atop a huge skyscraper in The Tallest Building.

While the game lasts 20 waves, you get your first checkpoint after clearing 5 waves. You start out with just a sword and shield, the latter of which you can use to nudge people off the building and which can later deflect bullets.

After making it to the first checkpoint, you will encounter the first weapon: the handgun. I advise using your shield here a bit too, studying enemies' shot patterns and frequencies. The tight space requires you to learn about the kickback from your own guns, too; otherwise, you'll fall off the building.

tallest building.gifI haven't beaten the final wave, yet, but I can say this is one engaging game! I'd be happier with a remapping of the "impulse" dash move which I do by accident and fall to my death a few too many times. Because the right mouse button is the shield and the left mouse is the weapon, I sometimes click between the two so quickly that I "impulse". Grrr.

I imagine The Tallest Building will be really tough for color blind people. I can barely discern the enemies and their bullets from the backgrounds sometimes, but I suppose that's part of the challenge!

[Play The Tallest Building]