hackerizer.pngIn Cyberpunk Jam entry Hackmancerizer, you use the whole alphabet to hack detection devices, pressing the right associated key so the runner can get the piles of money. Leaving the device hacked too long will alert security.

After you hit "E" to enter the seedy underworld, you must hit a bunch of random keys, simulating your hacking into the system. This takes a little more effort than I like, but it only is required for the first run.

The main game involves helping the auto-moving avatar get as much money as possible and escaping without tripping the security. Because you'll need to turn off, then turn back on, each device, this creates the challenge of looking backwards and forwards constantly to shut off what you've gone through and turn on where the avatar is headed.

I think the next step for the game would be to do something with all the money you earn, but for now it's a fun short challenge, cranked out in a few days for the jam.

[Download Hackmancerizer for Windows]