david.pngDavid is a physics-based platformer where players have to defeat all enemies on screen to progress from one level to another. This is achieved by charging your weapon before firing it at your adversaries, which could be anything from small abstract shapes to colossal-sized bosses that can take a beating.

Whenever our tiny yet brave hero attempts to charge his shot, the passage of time will be reduced to a near standstill. This allows him to dodge incoming projectiles while preparing to strike back, though it's worth noting that there's a short cooldown period to prevent the ability from being abused by players.

Each of the nine levels in the campaign mode features a normal and hard difficulty setting. You can take up to seven hits in normal mode, but it only requires one strike to wipe you out when the hard setting is chosen. David is on sale now for only $1, and purchasing from the developer's site provides you with both the Windows and Mac OSX versions to play.