What if you wake up in a tattered refugee camp, remembering nothing but your... oh, damn. Remembering NOTHING. Then things go from bad to worse, as the professedly refugee camp in which you live is quickly turning into a stinky concentration camp. That's what the Spanish team of Fictiorama Studios is offering with Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today, a dystopian point­ and ­click classic adventure that will dig into time distortion, classic puzzle­ solving and precognition.

Fictiorama team has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, trying to raise the $45,000 they need to fund their Dickian game. And as usual in this kind of project, they're also knocking on Steam's door via Greenlight.

Check out Dead Synchronicity on Kickstarter, and don't forget to grant them a vote or two on Greenlight, if you're not in the mood for throwing money at the screen. Of course trying the playable demo is not only free, but highly recommended!

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today will be available for PC, Mac and tablets in 2014 as another promising Spanish point & click adventure waiting to join the ethically challenging Gods Will Be Watching, the beautiful Candle by Teku Studios, or Nexus Game Studio's unruly Randal's Monday.

[Eduardo Garabito is co-founder of Spanish indie game site indieorama.com]