Rat King Entertainment's entry for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge is Variablo, a game in which you can get to the next level without moving its parts around a bit.

In Variablo, the dungeon is in pieces, with different ground tiles on a grid-like map. You start on the stationary center tile. When you move onto another tile, arrows show you in which direction that tile can be shifted. You must move the ground tiles around, because if you don't put them in the right spots then the exit to the next level won't appear. When you've found one of the right spots, the tile's border will change either to green, indicating that that tile is where it needs to be, or to orange, indicating that a different tile needs to be in that spot.

Moving tiles is also the only way to get to items, but the downside is that moving ground tiles causes monsters to spawn. Sometimes they spawn on the tile, sometimes they spawn elsewhere. You can spawn a lot of monsters in trying to pick up items and unlock the exit, though with the game's current balance I never found myself in significant danger.

Variablo was made in Unity, and can be played in a browser or downloaded for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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