train song.png

Train Song is a 7-minute train journey, where you get a sense of what is happening and what has happened by interacting with the other entities on the train. You'll want to play it more than once to understand what it's about, much like listening to a song.

Paul Andrew McGee and Dave McCabe worked on the gamey bits, and Ronan Quigley contributed the music.

Paul describes Train Song as "a wee narrative experiencing piece... I really wanted to try stripping out as much game-y elements as possible, puzzles etc. And even such old-fashioned things as story arcs or a neatly wrapped parcel of story!

"The idea was more to create a space/structure which could house lots of different small structures/pieces, and also that would last a set amount of time (like a piece of music), where it could have a bit of a rougher, improvisatory feel and that I could add new parts to over a couple of weeks. These largely became conversations with the other passengers in the end but a couple of them still trigger totally different experiences, such as the 3D section and the super simple text adventure."

Explore the Plah-Doh scuplted characters in Train Song, and see what you make of it.