bdcyclop.jpgIt's rather amazing how quickly developer Desert Fox manages to churn out chapters for his Bad Dream series without any dip in quality. The fourth game (subtitled Cyclops) tasks players with exploring an abandoned town full of boarded-up homes and empty streets. Nothing is ever quite explained in the Bad Dream games, so you'll have to figure out what to do next by searching for clues hidden in your surroundings.

The cursor will automatically change to a hand icon whenever it is placed over an object that can be interacted with. There are arrows pointing out exits that you can take to leave the current area, and items added to your inventory are always displayed at the top of the screen. A welcome addition to the series is that you can now switch between windowed and full screen mode, so no more squinting when trying to find hotspots to click on in any room.

Bad Dream: Cyclops can be downloaded from Desert Fox's io page.