cyberdekay.pngMark "Ragzouken" Wonnacott's Cyberdekay is a tough game to crack. If you're up learning how a bunch of systems work, then a challenging data dive awaits.

Players must use the 16 decryption programs on the anti-virus (it has the padlock with "16" on it) to unlock it, then run it to beat the game. Along the way you'll encounter the virus which cannot be destroyed, only blocked by erasing or swapping blocks around (it only travels along adjacent coloured tiles).

Mark told me the readme is important for having any idea of what is going on, and using the query button "Q" on the program and data tiles will give you some instruction on what they do and how to use them.

There are three main programs scattered around, reset, nuke, swap - by connecting them to other programs or the memory tiles (they look like computer chips), you can manipulate the map in various ways. For example, reseting a demo program so it can be used again, swapping two blocks of the map to make something passable, erasing a block of the map to stave off the virus, swapping two tiles so that a program you need is close at hand, and more.

How is the 7DRL entry in motion?

If you think you can take on the dolphin virus, grab Cyberdekay below.

[Download Cyberdekay for Windows and Mac]