Another project by a developer from the now defunct Arkedo, Stephane Perez's Jane Ellie is an interesting mix of Pac-Man and Bomberman, built around a bodily function mechanic.

Arkedo Co-founder Camille Guermonprez did promise a game about "pee" (and one about "poo") two years ago, when I spoke to him at PAX East 2012. It seems Jane Ellie fits the bill for one of those, and now the creator has released it for free for Windows users.

Jane Ellie's a bit like Bomberman in that the character pees on seeds to make them grow and bear fruit, timers, or a hungry plant. The character can stop and do a 360 pee or do a quick, on-the-spot pee while running. When the seeds are first wet, they become walls that can trap you or the evil creatures trying to chase you.

After you find the hungry plant, you can ride for as long as you've built up the timer to eat the enemies (Pac-Man power pellet time). Eating everything earns points, which are needed to unlock later levels.

It's a bit of silly fun, and nice to see that the developer has released an alpha version for free. According to the video on the game's website, the developer is up for creating a larger version of the game, if it finds a publisher.

Note: the Windows installer was in French at the time of this post, but the full game is in English.

[Download Jane Ellie]