IRP 2.pngGot an hour to spare for some of the weirdest mini-games and interludes you'll ever experience? Kanoguti is back with another audio-visual trip, and to try to explain Intelligent Rackety Paradise with words just doesn't do it justice.

Those who've visited the blog since 2009 may recall Kanoguti's Imagination Reality Paradise, and this one is no less insane. Via Twitter, the developer noted having grown since the last game and wanting to provide a continuation as a sequel to the first game.

The first several screens involve merely walking forward and hearing the music come together, but it does "evolve" beyond that. Micro games like these await you:
IRP 2 1.png
IRP 2 2.png
IRP 2 3.png

Other than the download link, this experience is English friendly. I hope you make it to the end credits, as they are rather euphoric.

[Download Intelligent Rackety Paradise]