Frog Fractions set math and the Internet on fire in 2012, for reasons I shouldn't go into if you haven't played the game. Unfortunately, the game didn't achieve its pedagogical goal of teaching fractions, so it's set to comeback as a downloadable sequel (and maybe prequel), with the help of Kickstarter funding.

Because mysticism and surprise are cornerstones of Frog Fractions, believing or reading into anything on the Kickstarter page for Frog Fractions 2 probably isn't worth much, other than knowing the original creator's commitment to delivering the sequel. I've met Jim Crawford in person and confirmed today that this is a real thing, so why not take a shot on someone who gave us something memorable for free already?

Play the first Frog Fractions, then go fund Frog Fractions 2 on Kickstarter, or whatever it ends up being called. Fingers crossed I'll see some early "Fruit: Like a Billion" t-shirts at GDC next week. I know I'd proudly wear one.