glork2a.pngHopefully the first of many more mobile releases to come from Pixeljam, Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork is a Galaga-style shooter which features artwork by American Elf creator James Kochalka. Basically it's about the adventures of a goofy-looking alien named Glork and his companion, Super Backpack, who are out on a daily stroll on the asteroid that they call home. While on patrol they happen to encounter waves after waves of hostile invaders, so Glork has to defeat his adversaries and try to stay alive for as long as he can.

Enemies fly into view by following procedural-generated flight patterns, and once they're in formation one or two of them will usually grow slightly larger to indicate that they are carrying a power-up item. Destroy the enemy (or enemies), and you can pick up the items to either change your weapon, increase its firepower, or make Super Backpack spit out projectiles faster.

During each wave there's also a chance that you might encounter spitters that roam from one end of the screen to the other. These creatures can only be defeated by stomping on them, blasting them with a missile, or hitting them with a basketball.

Defeated enemies also drop plenty of cookies to collect. These contribute to your score total and credit count at the end of each game. Earn enough credits, and you can unlock new features and items. The unlockables include new weapons, power-ups, more locations, and even backstories that appear in the form of digital mini-comics drawn by James himself.

Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork is a $2.99 game (no IAPs) that can be purchased now on the App Store.