44_sunset3_short_480.gifHeart Forth, Alicia, as described by Alonso Martin, is a Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard on her journey back home after being thrown far away by a mysterious god-spirit that threatens to destroy her village.

As seen above, upon a solitary Island in the sky, there is a village named Brenia where the last bloodline of wizards dwell. This Island, known as Auster, is the last piece of land that remains after a great catastrophe destroyed the Old World. Because of a Curse that befell Brenia, Alicia and Höstra are the only two children that haven't died at birth in decades. But, despite the adversity, everyone in the village tries to remain in good spirits.

It is the day of the children's Trial, and they prepare to become fully grown wizards. Suddenly, a certain god-spirit named Elthëlian attacks their village and kills one of the wizards. Alicia and her friend Höstra are forced to flee to a neighboring village in search for help, but Höstra becomes influenced by the Spirit and throws Alicia off the edge of the Island, where she falls into the Void below the clouds.

When Alicia awakens she discovers that the Old World was not destroyed: it remains concealed beneath the clouds. Fearing for the safety of her village, her family and Höstra, Alicia sets off on a long journey into the Valley to find a way back home:


As Alicia, you'll travel through more than 12 areas filled with cool landscapes and enemies, learning the crafts of the ancient wizards.

You'll explore the interconnected mazes of the Valley of Éliadin, always picking up new tools and skills to help you along your journey (like a handy map screen!), discovering all the hidden passages and secret areas that crowd the land:


You'll find yourself trapped inside puzzle-riddled dungeons and be forced to think your way through:


You'll discover rewards that are very handy for killing innocent plants, among other unassuming fauna:


You'll venture into the deepest dungeons and fight dangerous fiends that could be a bit livelier:

Skelly Fight 2b Full2_480.gif

But be prepared: sometimes you'll find someone playing with a better set of cards, and sometimes you'll have no cards at all!


It's all for the sake of going back home and finding out what this mysterious god-spirit has done with the people you love:


Heart Forth, Alicia is made with Multimedia Fusion 2 and is set to release on Windows, but Mac, Linux, and consoles might not be out of the question, says Alonso. The release date is still up in the air, but he's planning on doing something pretty soon to help speed up development, though!

He says that the game was started back in 2006, but it went into a few years of semi-hiatus while he finished film school. "It has been steadily worked on full-time for the past few years, though, and it will stay that way until it's finished."

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