humble-and-brandon.jpgHumble Bundle has teamed up with a heap of indies to bundle more than 30 games and counting to assist current IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer, who has been facing highly expensive battles with cancer and his health insurance.

Brandon Boyer created and successfully achieved his $110k GoFundMe goal earlier this month to help cover his past medical expenses that were denied by his insurance, which used a pre-existing condition clause in his contract to do so. In this campaign, he wrote that additional funding would go towards on-going treatment: "as you might expect, from now on, it costs me many, many thousands of dollars more per year just to stay alive."

Brandon contributed to the industry through Edge, Gamasutra, and Offworld, prior to becoming the IGF Chairman in 2010. To help keep this all around nice guy and champion of indies around, Humble Bundle announced a special bundle in their blog. For the minimum price of $25, you can get over 30 games, along with any future games added before the campaign ends on March 21.

Humble writes that "all proceeds will go directly to the Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief fund. In addition to Brandon's medical bills for cancer treatment, the excess funds from this promotion will be donated to a select cancer research organization."

The growing list of games in the bundle are listed below:

Actual Sunlight
Bagfull of Wrong
BitTrip Beat Soundtrack
BitTrip Fate Soundtrack
BitTrip Runner Soundtrack
Blocks That Matter + Soundtrack
Castles in the Sky + Soundtrack
Dynamite Jack
Ensnare Soundtrack
Ethan: Meteor Hunter
Fancy Skulls
God of Blades + Soundtrack
Goscurry + Soundtrack
McPixel + Soundtrack
POP: Methodology Experiment One + Soundtrack
Quixotica Soundtrack
Sepulchre Special Edition with eBook + Soundtrack
Stacking + Soundtrack
Thomas Was Alone + Soundtrack
VVVVVV + Soundtrack
Waking Mars + Soundtrack
Warp Juggler
Wizorb + Soundtrack
World of Goo + Soundtrack

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