You can either take to the skies or keep both feet planted deep in the earth with two releases today. SteamWorld Dig is finally available on PS4 and Vita. Luftrausers heads to the Vita as well, but is simultaneously making its debut on PS3, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Luftrausers is the latest title from Vlambeer, which puts you in the cockpit of an agile warplane in the heat of battle. You'll custom craft a plane that can be different in more than 125 ways, depending on the weapons, body parts or propulsion systems you pick. The arcadey, 2D gameplay is fast-paced and suited well for leaderboard chasers everywhere. As mentioned before, it's coming out on PS3, Vita, Windows, Mac and Linux. Its base cost is $10, but a four-day sale will save you 10 percent on the non-Sony platforms.

SteamWorld Dig has been covered here before, so I can say with confidence that those who can only play this game on PS4 or Vita are in for a Metroidvania-style treat. The game is Cross Buy and costs $10, though Playstation Plus owners can scoop it up for $8 this week.