The Renaissance was an era in which a lot of technological and cultural factors came together to create an environment that nurtured creativity. It bred more technological advances and the creation of art and music that are still celebrated to this day. Game developer Pietro Polsinelli has teamed up with Renaissance technology researcher Alexander Neuwahl to create Genio, a game which aims to be to the Renaissance what the Civilization games are to human civilization: a strategy game which encourages interest in and tangential learning about history while being entertaining for its own sake.

Mechanically, Genio will be a card-based real time strategy game in which the goal is to enrich a town with new inventions, gaining the support of lords so you can make the town the best it can be. As time goes on, you'll have access to more inventions, making your way towards the center of town in a spiral pattern. The game is being designed with simple controls for the sake of accessibility and portability to tablets, but that doesn't mean the strategy will be shallow. Genio is about combining some of the many great ideas and inventions of the Renaissance to create something greater.

I usually don't talk about the reward tiers for a Kickstarter, but the physical rewards for this one include reproductions of some toys designed by Leonardo. These physical rewards and their packaging show off a level of passion about the Renaissance and dedication to quality that must surely carry over into the game itself.

Polsinelli and Neuwahl seem to really love the Renaissance and hope to share that love with others in the form of a video game. They're seeking £50,000 via Kickstarter, and you can get a copy of the game for PC for as little as £10 (approx. $16.50 US).

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