kraxln.pngCreated for the 7 day roguelike challenge, KRAXLN is a game where you play as a rock climber attempting to reach the top of a mountain. The number on a tile dictates how many points are deducted from your strength counter for each move you make, and when you run out of energy you'll have to pause for a while to regain your strength.

Players can rest on 0-tiles for as long as they want, with each turn generating three more strength points to add to their tally. If the rock climber's strength drops to zero, he will rest automatically for one turn. Anything below zero, and he will keep resting until all of his strength is recovered.

Hooks can be used to save yourself from falling to your death when a goat strikes at you. Note that a goat can also be pushed off the mountain by climbing onto their tile. Should you have a hook already attached to the mountain, getting knocked off it will cause you to swing back immediately to the hook's original location.

Tinytouchtales, Thomas Wellmann, and Leon Purviance's KRAXLN is available to play at this link, and further explanation of the game rules can be found here.