Ever wish you could experience the video for The Beastie Boys song Sabotage for yourself? If so, Modern Dream is making a game that might be right up your alley. LA Cops is in the works, and it looks as deadly as it looks stylish.

LA Cops is an isometric shooter set in a full 3D world. You're in control of two characters at any given time. You can do cool things like set one to cover you while you kick a door open, or set them in a position, ready to fire, and loop around and lure enemies toward their position. You can even set them up to mirror your movements and move in unison with you, an idea the developer said was borrowed from Syndicate.

There are multiple characters with different attributes and different weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses, There are even multilple ways to tackle missions since the environments are fully destructible, windows, walls and all. There's no target release date for LA Cops yet, though the game is planned to appear on Steam, iOS and Android.