Block matching puzzlers combining with other genres is nothing new, in fact, Puzzle Quest added RPG elements a long time ago. Dot Warrior Games has put their own spin on the combination with Block Legend, adding a bit of roguelike into the mix while recalling the style of the NES.

Block Legend plays like your typical block-matcher, where you tap lines of two or more like-colored blocks to clear space on the board. Each one will net you RPG-style effects, though. Purple blocks get you experience. The brown and yellow ones have little treasure chests on them. Gold blocks net you gold.

As your character marches on, he or she eventually runs into enemies, and the board switches a little bit. Purple blocks become swords for attacking, green blocks are now effective and cast magic spells. Blue blocks add value to your shield, allowing hits to stay away from your life total. Battles are fast-paced and it's important to manage how the blocks fall, especially against the bosses which will decimate you if you don't play well.

When you die you'll start at the beginning, but some elements can carry over. You can save up for stat-altering or power-granting powerups to start a new playthrough. Sure it's roguelike, and make no mistake, you will die, but it's a bit more encouraging than most games of that type often times are.

Block Legend is available right now through the App Store and Google Play for $2.