Have you ever wanted to battle three of your friends in space while riding brightly colored futuristic rocket steeds? Glitchnap has a solution. Their new Ouya game LAZA KNITEZ!! can make that oddly specific dream a reality.

Each player picks a color and it's off to battle for the group. The action in LAZA KNITEZ!! borders on hectic, with each "ultranoble warrior" zooming around like glow sticks at a rave. You gain points by killing your opponents, either by runing them through with your lance or shooting them with bullets that come out of... well, your lance. It's the future, it makes sense. Trust me.

The rectangular map feels small until you realize it wraps around on itself. For example, you can go out the left side of the screen and come out on the right. It's a small wrinkle that adds a lot of strategy. There are also powerups that greatly increase the power of players for a temporary time, like a spreadshot or a super boost. Utilizing these features, along with the trigger-induced drift mechanic, could result in victory.

The customization options are nice for those who like to tweak their experience, but a few more modes, powerups or stages would have gone a long way to extending the length at which the game would stay in multiplayer rotation. Still, LAZA KNITEZ!! cheap price keeps this from being a lamentable purchase. It's available for the Ouya now for $5.