video hero story.pngThe winners of the Games Jam Kanobu contest were announced this week, showcasing some of the neatest indie games to come from Russia in the future. As translated from Russian game site Kanobu, 267 entrants presented concept documents, 141 submitted concept art, and 127 sent in working prototypes.

Taking home the Grand Prize, Video Hero Story (pictured above) is a daily life sim where you train a man who wants to become the greatest fighter in the world. You can do so by learning about your opponent's weaknesses, such as one's love for a pet hamster. The game is wrapped in a luscious, 80-90s style atmosphere and is playable in English or Russian. The full version is scheduled to release later this year across PCs.

MAZE.gifThe winner of the Playable Build category is the Journey to Hammerdale prequel MAZE, inspired by games like Alundra and Legend of Zelda, but with the focus being on solving dungeon puzzles instead of fighting. The game will eventually release on PC and mobile platforms, but the prototype is playable just on PC for now.

Those interested can skim through all 474 entries (playable and otherwise) on the official Games Jam Kanobu site.

[source: Red Buzz]