lamp and vamp.pngWinning the first Procedural Death Jam, Globz' Lamp and Vamp is a turn-based strategy game where you play a vampire who is just trying to get to his coffin. Hunters and clergymen stand in your way, but they are no match for your fangs, as long as they don't see you first.

Stealth plays a heavy role in Lamp and Vamp, as you never want to appear in the path of light from any enemy. You have a couple tricks to avoid this: turning into a bat to go through buildings and forests or turning into a ghost to be invisible. Doing either will deplete your health, and other than reaching your coffin, the only way to replenish is to feast.

You can play the Procedural Death Jam winner of the best art and best game submission here, via your browser or the SWF file (bottom of the page). You can check out the other categorical winners at the source below.

[source: @ProceduralDeath]