Rubicon Zone Warning, from Adam Milecki, is hard to classify. Thematically, you are an astral hacker, tasked with disarming metaphysical bombs that threaten parallel dimensions. Doing so, however, requires both puzzling and maneuvering skills.

Each level has multiple disarm points which must be deactivated in randomly determined order. To find out which disarm point to go after next, you release a "ping" from the front of your ship. The ping will lightly arc in the direction of the currently active node, which means that you have to position your ship to use the ping to maximum effect. You can't ping over and over again; you only have up to three pings available at any time. Once you've determined which node to go for, you have to get to it and disarm it with the back end of the ship, a giant sword.

Maneuvering the ship into position for pings and for disarming is interesting. The ship naturally rotates as you move to put the front of the ship (the pinging end) in the direction you are going with the sword streaming out behind. You can lock the ship's orientation, and you need to to disarm things and to avoid obstacles and traps in the environment. As time goes on, the walls start closing in and reduce the room you have to maneuver in. Combined with the randomized disarm point activation, it becomes more about figuring out how to navigate to the right node once you've found it.

Rubicon Zone Warning comes with a manual, which contains information on controls and what everything in the game does. The game also comes with all the information you need to make your own levels. There's a default level template to modify, too. The downside that comes with this is that all levels must be loaded individually when you want to play, even the ones provided by the developer. There's also currently no hub at which users can share levels they've created.

[Download Rubicon Zone Warning for Windows]