sasuke2a.pngAt first I thought this was one of those cruel jokes that 8-bits fanatics (developer of 1001 Spikes) love to tease us with every April 1st, but what I found is a complete game that's actually available to download now and try out. In Sasuke vs Terminator you play as ninja who has to defeat the six ultimate bosses found at the end of every stage. You throw knives at your enemies to kill them, and when danger approaches players can use a dodge move to roll out of harm's way.

The UFOs that appear periodically can be destroyed to produce a power-up item. Collect it, and you can increase the number of knives that is thrown for each press of the button. When our hero is fully powered up, collecting the upgrade will increase the number of lives instead.

Sasuke vs Terminator is available to download from this page.