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Shrug Island on Kickstarter aims to be a 4-chapter, 2D puzzle adventure, where you play as 2 separated friends who must learn the "musical language" of the island they are on to reconnect.

The game is based off the Shrug world that exists in part as Windows freeware, animated film, and casual Android platformer. The devs aim with this project "to keep a polish of the game that feels like an hand-painted animation film you weave together AND jam with as you go!" Shrug world creator Alina Constantin is joined by a handful of talent, including Nicklas (Nifflas) Nygren, who is helping design one of the Shrug character's core mechanic.

The first chapter, if all goes well with this Kickstarter, is set to hit desktops (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and tablets (iOS/Android) in October 2014.

[Shrug Island on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight]