Growing up in the 90s meant you might have had an obsession with teenagers in brightly colored jumpsuits exaggeratedly fighting villains with an equally odd sense of fashion. These fights almost always culminated in a showdown between the same villain, though enlarged, and a giant robot. Power Rangers was popular in the United States, but probably more so in Japan, where it's known as Super Sentai. Chroma Squad is paying tribute to this landmark television genre by putting players in control of a Sentai studio, while Behold Studios'new trio of commercials for the game are paying tribute to the subject's country of origin.

Chroma Squad proved to be pretty popular itself and is a Kickstarter success. It will be playable at both GDC and PAX East. The game is set to come out on Windows, Mac and Linux, though its late-2013 targeted release has come and gone, so we're not quite sure when it's coming just yet.