J. Kyle Pittman of Minor Key Games (Eldritch) has announced Super Win the Game and has shared some extra details with IndieGames. The sequel to our 2012 top freeware platformer, You Have to Win the Game, the sequel moves away from early '80s CGA PC restrictions into the 8-bit console era with a new direction for the gameplay.

In the press release, J. Kyle mentioned wanting "to deliver an authentically retro experience that recalls the simple joy of playing video games on the technology of the day." This goal sounds similar to what was accomplished with the first game, so I asked for further clarification.

"It was certainly my intent to accurately recapture the experience of using a CGA PC in the first game, and I think it turned out pretty well. With this game, I want to maintain that same dedication to authenticity while turning my focus to the 8-bit console generation. I've rewritten just about every aspect of the screen shader to behave less like a monitor and more like an old television; I've upgraded the monotone PC speaker synth from the original to sound like the NES's four-channel synth, and so on.

"From the game design side, I'm also interested in moving away from the masocore platformer genre. There will still be skill tests, of course, but I want to emphasize the aspects of exploration and discovery rather than beat the player over the head with these challenges."

The title logo for Super Win The Game was meant to evoke the Nintendo Power logo, J. Kyle says. "The 'Super' prefix came about from thinking about the leap between, Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. [My brother] David actually suggested 'Super You Have to Win the Game' first, but that was just too much of a mouthful. I don't want to be stuck saying that over and over once I start doing demo events and stuff."

In other news, You Have to Win the Game will be arriving on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 6, 2014, two years since its original Windows release. According to the dev's blog post, the Steam release will include a new, more difficult remixed campaign and Playable Cat free DLC, where players get only nine lives.

Super Win The Game is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux a bit later in Fall 2014. J. Kyle said that the sequel will be a paid title. "We haven't determined a price yet, but it will be comparable to other indie platformers."