smashhit.pngSmash Hit is an on-rails arcade game where you have to throw balls at obstacles that are in the way of your flight path. Players have a finite number of balls to use, but this can be replenished by destroying the blue crystals that appear periodically. You will lose ten balls whenever you hit an obstacle, and the game ends if you run out of balls to use.

Each time you break ten crystals in a row without missing, the number of balls that you can throw is increased by one (up to a maximum of five). The ball multiplier resets itself whenever you miss a crystal or hit an obstruction, so maintaining a perfect run and keeping the multiplier maxed out is crucial to your survival.

There are also power-up items that you can collect and activate by tapping their icons at the bottom of the screen. Some will give you an infinite number of balls to use for a short period, while others will either make the balls you throw explode on contact or slow down time for just a few seconds.

Smash Hit is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, although the checkpoint feature can only be enabled via an in-app purchase inside the game. An endless mode can be unlocked by completing all ten sectors in the main campaign.