Sometimes, it feels like it wasn't that long ago that a little purple goat leaped his way onto my Xbox 360 and into my heart. The truth is that Escape Goat came out in 2011, and that the wait for the sequel has actually been pretty excruciating. I wanted more the minute the first game was done, not three years later. But here we are. It's 2014. Escape Goat 2 is out. The extra development time put into this game shines through, so it turns out the wait was worth it. It's not a large departure from the established formula, but through smoothing out what we know and love while expanding in some subtle-yet-creative ways, Escape Goat 2 became the sequel it needed to be.

The sheep you saved in the first game have willfully wandered into an ancient tower, only to become trapped once again. Your quest to save them begins anew, so you venture in to liberate the woolly mammals from their self-perpetuated imprisonment. What follows is an epic puzzle-platforming quest through over 100 rooms of dastardly designed traps.

The goat still has his normal abilities, like jump, double jump and dash. Your faithful rat companion, however, has gained a few new tricks that open up the puzzle-design process a surprising amount. A new cape ability that allows him to dash across the screen sits in the wardrobe near the teleporting hat. And I don't want to spoil necromousing for anyone, but I will say that it's about as cool as it sounds.

This is about as ringing as an endorsement can get. The hand-drawn HD graphics are gorgeous. The soundtrack inspires adventure. The puzzles are clever. Escape Goat 2 is fantastic in every way. It's available now on Steam through the official website for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is on sale for $9 this week. Next week it rises to its regular $10 price.