Substantial Games is trying to bring competitive multiplayer RTS play to tablets with The Ember Conflict. Previously, the game was announced for iOS only, but it's officially headed for select Android tablets as well and now they have alpha footage to show off.

We covered The Ember Conflict in January, but here's a summary for the uninitiated: The Ember Conflict has been designed for tablets from the ground up. Featuring a control scheme reminiscent of Autumn Dynasty, Substantial Games wants to create a deep strategy gaming experience which has army customization capabilities but is still good for short matches. They would like to add new modes for longer play later, but for right now they're focusing on getting the game up and running because it's going to be free to play. Substantial Games is committed to a free to play model along the lines of what Riot Games has done with League of Legends, in which players will not be able to "pay to win".

Substantial Games has clarified that The Ember Conflict should work on all Android tablets, but will only be optimized for certain models. There's still no release date as yet, but the developers have set up a dev blog on Tumblr that anyone can follow to keep track of the latest progress of the game.

[The Ember Conflict web site | The Ember Conflict dev blog]