tox.pngTox is a puzzle roguelike in which players have to try to escape from a building filled with bad guys, explosive barrels, and all manner of pills and drugs. There are plenty of ways to lose your health, but you can replenish it by picking up a syringe and using it on yourself. Some moderation needs to be exercised when injecting yourself with drugs, since you will die from an overdose if your intoxication level reaches its limit. Too much drugs will kill you, but you can't completely ignore them either because our hero will collapse from serious withdrawal symptoms when his addiction isn't being taken care of.

Moving into a square occupied by an enemy causes your character to engage the opponent in combat. The toughness of the henchmen are represented by the skulls that appear next to them. Harder enemies will have more skulls than weaker ones, and a red skull indicates a foe that you would do well to avoid in the early stages of the game.

Weapons and armor are used automatically during encounters, and having a medkit could save you when your enemy is about to deal a killing blow. Certain drugs can make you hallucinate, resulting in enemies that are easier or harder to defeat depending on what you imagine them to be. Drugging or injecting yourself further in this state will cause you to overdose, so it's important that you avoid all pills and syringes until the effect wears off over time.

The download link for Tox can be found here.