Two of the hallmarks of the Metroidvania genre are an unfamiliar, alien world and a thick feeling of isolation. Often times the more oppressively alone you feel, the more effective the atmosphere will be. And after watching the new trailer for forma.8, it seems safe to say that you will feel quite alone.

Mixed Bag is crafting a world full of mystery in which the player is searching for a powerful energy source. It's unfortunate to be separated from the rest of the search team, but the mission must go on. The journey will take place across gorgeous lakes of lava, through ancient, ruined civilizations and more.

The gameplay is physics-based. Everything in the game has properties the player will have to consider, whether it's plants, rocks, ropes or gigantic gears. Even the enemies are affected by this. Successfully locating the energy source will come only while interacting with the world using these elements.

There's no hiding the fact that it's reminiscent of Fuel Cell's Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, but if the game ends up being comparably good then this is a wonderful thing. Mixed Bag is bringing forma.8 to a ton of systems in the near-yet-undefined future, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Playstation 4, Vita and Wii U.