Serenity Forge has just released a trailer for Luna's Wandering Stars, their first commercial release which is due out on March 25. It's a puzzle game set in space, and the developers have taken advantage of the setting to base the puzzles around the physics of gravity and mass.

From the developer: "Luna's Wandering Stars is our love-letter to space; for the existential wonder it creates and the assertion that physics is, in fact, beautiful. Luna is an action-puzzle game that centers around real Newtonian physics and various ways to manipulate the universe. Change the strength of gravity; use rockets to thread your way through asteroid belts; or even bend the fabric of space with wormholes! Featuring realistic Newtonian physics, nine unique powers, and online level creation and sharing."

Their first non-commercial release was a pay-what-you-want visual novel inspired by the near-death experience of one of the developers. It's called Loving Life, and if you pay more than $0.99, it comes with the 12-song soundtrack. They also have another game in the works, tentatively titled Beyond Regret, which will be about overcoming the death of a loved one.

Luna's Wandering Stars will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The regular price will be $9.99, but you can preorder the game directly from Serenity Forge for $4.95. They're also seeking Greenlight votes to get the game distributed via Steam.

[Serenity Forge web site | Luna's Wandering Stars on Greenlight]